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Top 10 tips to ace your next virtual presentation.

leonsergent communications - Top 10 des détails à vérifier pour votre prochaine présentation virtuelle/Top 10 tips to ace your next virtual presentation.

There is probably little doubt that, for some time now, you are no longer presenting to audiences in a meeting room. Your presentations are now virtual and from the comfort of your home. The goal of both live and virtual presentations is to attract and sustain the attention of your listeners so that you can convince them to buy your solutions. The best practices for presenting in front of a live audience still apply to virtual presentations.

There is, however, a new set rules for virtual presentations to help you leverage your success. Here's a quick 10-tip checklist to fine-tune your setup before your next virtual pitch!
Voici un aide-mémoire rapide de 10 détails à peaufiner avant de vous lancer!

  1. Plug in!
    Get the best internet connection for your event. Wifi is great, a wired LAN cable connection is better.
  2. Eliminate disruptions.
    Pop-ups and reminders are a distraction for you and your listeners. A software update in the middle of your presentation is a disaster. Turn off anything that may disrupt your audience’s focus.
  3. Close the windows
    Since you plan to share your screen, remind yourself to close unwanted tabs such as online shopping, game apps or documents that are not intended for your audience.
  4. Tidy up!
    Your viewers will have the opportunity to get a rare visit into your (makeshift) office. Manage perceptions. Some will likely peruse your bookshelves, artwork and memorabilia. These are distractions.
  5. Use a headset.
    The background noises picked up by your computer’s microphone are a source of irritation for your listeners. Even the most affordable headphones often offer better sound performance than the microphone and speakers on your laptop or desktop.
  6. Look into the camera.
    Raise your laptop so that its camera is at eye level. Avoid an unflattering low angle close-up camera shot. Use a camera on a tripod above and behind your computer screen for a professional look.
  7. Get up!
    If you have an adjustable workstation, present standing up to show more confidence and energy.
  8. Adjust your lighting.
    Try a light source installed behind and above the camera or on either side of you as opposed to ceiling lights.
  9. Manage your speaking notes.
    Install a second screen or tablet at eye level. You can now glance at your speaking notes without tilting your head or looking down. Maintain eye contact with your audience.
  10. Turn off their microphones
    If you are the organizer of this meeting, ask participants to mute their microphones (or tell them why you have muted their microphones). Tell them how they can interact with you during your presentation.
  11. Bonus tip. Have a quick rehearsal with a colleague, friend or family member before the big day to ensure your success!

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