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Successful public speaking: The Executive Storytelling model

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I was recently at a wedding reception where speeches from friends and family preceded a very hearty meal. It's impossible for me not to listen to a speech or a presentation without my professional training and my ears as a strategic communication coach interfering a little! Of all the speakers who took the microphone, only one was able to capture my attention. This is also the same person who was able to keep the thread of her ideas even though she spoke with great emotion in her voice and was interrupted many times by members of his audience. So, why was she successful?

Executive Storytelling has been touted for many years as if it were a new buzzword of public speaking. And yet, the approach is more than a thousand years old. This strategy, however, does not always get good press in business circles because, for many professionals, it evokes telling personal stories and, for the uninitiated, this approach does not have a place in the boardrooms of companies because we are not here to tell tales, we're here to analyze data! But here's the thing: Executive Storytelling is a strategy for developing the message to be communicated and a very effective way to build a convincing argument.

For all those who find it difficult to structure their ideas and thoughts, engage their audience, improve their self-confidence, connect more easily with listeners, and improve their delivery skills, Executive Storytelling is undoubtedly a path to success within their reach.

Executive Storytelling can be used in business and technical presentations to present an idea, explain a process, present a status report of a project, sell a product or service, or solve a problem. It can also be used to gain approval, secure funding, obtain commitment, to motivate and to promote behaviour change.

This approach can also be used in coaching, leadership, training, and mentoring. It works for the speaker as it improves memory and recall, increases comprehension, creates context and relevance, and improves empathy. It is no longer just telling stories but an effective strategic approach to public and interpersonal communication.

And so, if this approach comes in handy the next time you give a speech at a wedding reception, know that the Executive Storytelling approach has welcome side effects and that it can help you succeed in these types of settings as well!

Keep an eye out for the next blog as we discuss the Executive Storytelling approach.

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