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6 pro tips to present professionally online

leonsergent communications - 6 trucs de pro pour présenter en ligne/6 pro tips to present professionally online

For a few months now there has been a marked increase in the number of professionals working from home because of an unprecedented worldwide health crisis. As more of our presentations are likely to be delivered from home through a web-based teleconferencing software, it is still important that these presentations be professional and effective. Here are 6 tips to help you make sure your presentations hit the mark:

  1. Keep it simple
    If you share your screen to show slides, trim down the content of your visuals and increase font size for more impact. Please note that some of your viewers will be joining your talk on mobile devices such as smart phones or electronic tablets with limited screen size.
  2. Manage expectations
    It may be more challenging to engage your listeners if you are just talking over slides. Your screen presence is key. Tell your viewers or participants that you will alternate between slides and screen presence. Inform them in advance as to the reasons why you will be momentarily off screen to show a slide and back on screen to summarize, debrief or answer questions. This will create welcomed changes in rhythm and a more dynamic presentation.
  3. Avoid reading
    Show a slide to start a discussion and answer questions. Please refrain from reading the content of a slide. Animation or builds can be helpful in managing flow of information.
  4. Stop often
    Pause more often than you would in a boardroom setting. Check for comprehension and offer your help to answer questions to clarify the content before you move on to the next topic. When presenting online, interim summaries are useful to help participant focus and engage your listeners.
  5. Dress sharp
    If you are a television viewer, you may have witnessed the burn or moire effect of striped and patterned clothing. This can be a source of distraction for some. Wear solid colours and ensure a clear contrast when wearing separates.
  6. Watch the clock
    For many executives now working remotely, it seems that the perception of time elapsed has been somewhat altered. Patience may be in shorter supply in front of a computer screen. Show some understanding and finish on time. If you think that you will run over the agreed time limit, and provided that participants do not have to jump to another online meeting immediately after yours, acknowledge the time constraints and ask permission for a few minutes more. Thank them for their generosity.

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